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Svenko band’s records


Repertoire of “Svenko” is very rich. We love folk songs, but if the audience asks to sing romances we certainly do it — that’s the genre our singers took first prizes of prestigious All-Russian festivals in. Don’t forget that in our country romances were written to be sung by Gypsies. The best composers wrote for quire singers. In XIX century the famous “Vengerka” appeared. This melody became an integral part of gold fund of Russian musical culture. People like both guitar tunes and traditional saloon dances. It’s not very well known that “Vengerka” is a result of ten generations of artistes’ work. Gypsy dancers decorated the initial structure with movements they borrowed from Spanish and Irish step. In times of New Economic Policy artistes saw concerts of Afro-Americans and noticed the most interesting details. “Svenko” can show the best men’s and women’s examples of “Vengerka”. As for vocal repertoire, we chose Romani classics for our first disc — most beloved dancing songs: “Kay Yone”, “Prikhayape” and “Ke Shuriake”, sad ones — “Nane Mande Rodo”, there are author’s compositions such as “Khabarka” and “De atunchara” too.


Romani Gypsy musical band "Svenko", the first album 

Good Old Times Songs (2009)


Svenko Romano


Russian Roma's folk song, performed by Pyotr Yanyshev and Lera Yanysheva.



Kay O Bergi


Russian Roma's song. Performed by Pyotr Yanyshev and Sevil Shishkova.



Kay Yone


Russian Roma's folk song. Performed by Svenko band.



Syr Yada Foro


Russian Roma's folk song, performed by Patrina Sharkozi.





Lyrics by Lera Yanysheva for Slovak Roma's folk music. Arranged and performed by Pyotr Yanyshev.





The song of Nickolai Zhemchuzhny usually considered to be Russian Roma's folklore. Performed by Sevil Shishkova.



De atunchara


The song of Olga Demeter-Charskaya, stylized as Romanian Roma's songs. Performed by Lera Yanysheva.



Nane Mande Rodo


Russian Roma's' folk song. Performed by Pyotr Yanyshev.





Russian Roma's' folk song. Main vocal by Pyotr Yanyshev and Anzhelika Ivanova.



Sergi-koltsa new


Performed by Anzhela Batalova (Lekareva).