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Sevil Shishkova


I am from famous artistes’ family. My mother, Valentina Shishkova, danced tabor dances. My father was a professional dancer too — Gypsy “Vengerka” was his special pride. Our family had such masters of Gypsy songs as Tamara Moldavskaya and Mikhay Shishkov. The most bright impressions of my childhood are connected with traveling and concerts: I looked at the artistes on the stage and tried to remember the most interesting moments. As it was traditional in our family I started to sing and dance early — and one day I realized that it had become my beloved profession. Since then I have been to Cyprus, Switzerland, Italy, festival in Norway on tour. I worked with Tamara Moldavskaya, N. Vasilieva, A. Bobrova, N. Shishkova, N. Lekareva. I like stage very much, because dances are not so popular in restaurants.

Gypsy girl, Sevil Shishkova


Dancing barefooted Gypsy girl


Dancing barefooted Gypsy girl




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