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Sasha Simanis


My ancestors were tradesmen in Latvia, women told fortune. I had a smith from my mother’s side and a lot of musicians from my father’s. I’ve been singing since childhood. My father used to say: “I won’t take you for a visit with me until you sign”. Then I liked it myself and now I can’t help it — I sign in my car, I sing at home. There are two hobbies in my life — music and jewelry. It’s not very well known that jewelry is an ancient Gypsy craft, but we had jewelers in Turkey, Romania and Serbia even 500 years ago — it’s written in books… Roma like gold — it’s our national feature and I like making beautiful things.

I like Gypsy discos, often sing at weddings and other parties — a song is a present too. Hosts ask those who like singing to please guests. I’m usually asked and I’m proud of it.

Not long ago I was surprised to discover that my voice sounded in Sweden as Russian ethnic music. It happened as follows: once Ioakim Eskildsen, a famous Danish photographer, stayed at our house. He took pictures of Gypsies all aver the world including Russia. Then he made a photo-exhibition with music illustrations in every hall. Also he recorded an additional CD-disc with ethnic music for his project. Russia was represented by Kalderash Roma from Volgograd and by my family. We sang what we usually sing at Gypsy parties in Moscow.

Before I was invited to “Svenko” I had already been giving solo concerts in restaurants for a long time — almost since the age of fifteen. I hope that working in professional group will be a good experience for me. And in general I like it very much.






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