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Boris Tarasov


I was born in Moscow. In 1979 I graduated from Musical College n.a. Ippolitov-Ivanov. Not all violinists with classical education can play Gypsy music. It seems easy, but itís not ó and thatís the snare. You want to show your skill, get fascinated, start improvising and ruin a motive. To play in a band you have to love Gypsy melodies, they are full of inner harmony. I started in Valeriy Mashkovís group, than worked with Pyotr Demeter, Dufunya Vishnevskiy, Nikolay Lekarev. Iíve been on the stage more than 20 years, recorded discs. I traveled a lot ó itís easier to say where I havenít been. The most exotic places are India, South Korea and Republic of Togo.

Gypsy violinist, Boris Tarasov

Boris Tarasov and Anzhela Mashtakova.



Gypsy violinist, Boris Tarasov




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