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The part “Biographies” is not usually found on sites of other Gypsy bands (except, may be, some information about leaders). We think that every member of our band is an interesting creative personality so we give information about each of them. If you click on a photo you will find photo galleries with Gypsy dances and sometimes audio and video records (no boring texts like “First he was born then went to school”).


Lyalya Moldavskaya. Svenko band. Anzhela Batalova (Lekareva). Svenko band. Patrina Sharkozi. Svenko band.
Lyalya Moldavskaya Anzhela Batalova (Lekareva) Patrina Sharkozi


  Lera Yanysheva. Svenko band.   Пётр Янышев. Цыганский ансамбль Свэнко (Праздник), Москва  
  Lera Yanysheva   Pyotr Yanyshev  


Борис Тарасов. Цыганский ансамбль Свэнко (Праздник), Москва Севиль Шишкова. Цыганский ансамбль Свэнко (Праздник), Москва Саша Симанис. Цыганский ансамбль Свэнко (Праздник), Москва
Boris Tarasov Sevil Shishkova Sasha Simanis