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What about a Middle Winter Issue? 14 theatrical dance videos including 8 ones from a première of Nickoly Lekarev's musical Lucky Horseshow; 16 folk Romani songs; 9 pop Gipsy songs; and 8 heartfeltest romances. Enjoy in the happy new year! :)




A great surprise for women who read us and are dreaming about a remarkable costume for Christmas Eve or whatever evening else. We represent you a gallery of Spanish Gypsy women's dresses. Also the gallery is interesting for persons who's curious about historical costumes, Gypsy beauty and aesthetics of ancient Spanish streets.




Goodbye, Halloween and hello, the first snow! We have good news for our readers: a Big Costumes Update (a wonderful Romani Album, three galleries with theatre and circus costumes, two galleries with show costumes from Russia and Brasil and thirty four expressive photos of street Gypsy musicians) and a new paintings gallery... funny one.




Happy Romani Day! We wish best wishes to you and present thirty new dance videos!




An article about Radda’s costumes in Queen of the Gypsies added.




11 new videos added in Gypsy dances of the world with Hungarian, Polish and Greek Roma.




12 new videos added in Gypsy dances of the world with Hungarian Gypsies.




A new rubric appeared: costumes of Literary Personages. In the last issue — articles on Esmeralda.




The third issue appeared.




The second issue appeared.




The English part of the site has begun its work.




The site has begun its work.