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Gypsy Dance


The styles of Gypsy dance vary depending on the country. International festivals are a form of “traveling” through Europe. Spanish Gypsies dance flamenco, Bulgarian groups do belly dance, and so on. Gypsies have always perfectly interpreted indigenous folklore and added oriental movements and unexpected nuances to it.


We live in Russia, and we want to show you dance styles that were formed in this country. You will see a stage manner typical of concerts and restaurant performances, in which Gypsy girls dance in modern dresses and wave their skirts very beautifully. But yet another style we can show you is folk dance based on fast feet movements. Those photos and records remind us of the times when barefoot olive-skinned girls gathered crowds at the markets and stations. Russian people liked Gypsy performances, so nomad families could always earn some money.


Finally, you will “enter” the private territory of modern Romani parties. When Roms gather to celebrate a wedding, Easter or Christmas there are no strangers there. During these holidays Roms dance only for themselves. Every family wants to show their best. This is true folklore! You will be fascinated with the “home manner” of men and women’s Gypsy dance.