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Big Romani Album



Nikolay Bessonov's book

Moscow. Publishing house Bely Gorod. 2012



The Big Romani Album ( ) is a unique book. There is no another one demonstrating a history of a Gypsy costume better and more comprehensively. Splendid printing quality and large pages let you enjoy even tiny details of pictures. You can see how a Gypsy costume has been changed and developed for six hundreds years. Antique paintings, rare engravings and reportage photos from nomadic camps are collected in quantity. This book is a wonderful gift for everyone who's interested in Romani history.


Gypsies has been wandering through Asia, Europe and America, adopting many things from indigenous population and reconsidering adopted. Four hundreds collected in the book pictures show main landmarks of Gypsies' wandering. Details of nomadic everyday life, folk customs, ways of earning look like a fanciful blend of romanticism and prosaicness. Some illustrations of firmly forgotten past amaze even our Roma contemporaries, we mean such parts as Romanian slavery and women's general winter barefooting. National arts are also presented by dancers, guitarists, violinists and theatre actors.


We are proud to say that several photos made by Svenko, such as reconstructing ones and pictures of our dancers, are published in the book, too.


Here you can see some pages from the Big Romani Album.


Peter and Lera Yanyshevs



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