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Svenko Band, Romani Gypsy musical group. Photos.


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Svenko Band, Romani Gypsy musical group. Biographies.


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Designer: Lilith Mazikina

Translaters: Julia Strelchak, Lilith Mazikina

“Svenko” means a holiday in our language. We are a team of professionals known to the audience from “Romen” theatre plays and films with Gypsy plots. Our repertoire is based on Gypsy caravans’ songs and dances. “Svenko” is for those who remember Gypsy bands before perestroika. The head of the team Pyotr Yanyshev was brought up in one of the most famous bands of Soviet times — Nikolay Zhemchuzhnyy’s ensemble. And now (when Gypsy bands play jazz, soul and pop hits) he remains a true follower of folk traditions. “Svenko” keeps to the style, which the audience remember from the film “Gypsies’ caravan goes to sky”. We don’t want to astonish the audience with fashionable dresses and modern remixes — we play folk songs like in 1950s-1980s years. “Svenko” is probably the only band performing in traditional dresses. Our concerts bring you back to the times when man danced in boots and women — barefooted. We don’t ignore modern streams though and the part of our program is based on stage style.

All of us grew up performing on stage. Many of us started as actors in the “Romen” Gypsy theatre. We have toured abroad, taken part in international festivals, and have won prestigious awards. When Gypsies stop being Gypsies to follow capricious fashions it makes us sad. Our aim is more than just to give concerts. One of our programs is to organize ethnographic expeditions to communicate with Gypsies from poor settlements and camps — in this way we come in contact with the original musical heritage of our nation and enrich our repertoire. “Svenko” is not just a band — we are a cultural project. Our site is a musical magazine. It is our objective to acquaint our audience with Gypsy folklore and with the creations of the best performers from the past. From the very beginning the project has attracted many enthusiasts, including historians, photographers and stage experts. You will enjoy learning about this unique romantic culture. 


Leaders of the “Svenko” band

Pyotr Yanyshev

Lera Yanysheva